– People that support Manchester United have a character flaw, says Liverpool fan Helge Skodvin.

The photographer specifies that you do not have to support Liverpool to rent the office space.

– We are completely open to supporters of other teams, just not Man United.  Our position on this is non-negotiable, we simply can’t associate with those kind of people on a daily basis, he laughs.

List of requirements

They have set up a list of demands they would like the new tenant to meet.

1. You must have nice hair

2. You must be kind

3. You can not support Man Utd.

4. You may not work in finance

5. You may not like the Grateful Dead.

6. You must understand the offside rule

7. You must not have ambitions to be a middle-manager

Some points can be negotiated

When it comes that you can not like the Grateful Dead, it’s mainly that they don’t want to hear that music in the building.

– Moreover, I believe that people who like it have taken a wrong choice at one time, says Skodvin.

He believes that he meets the first requirement, at least on good days. Whether or not he is kind he believes is up to others to decide, but he believes that he is.

– How important is it that they know the offside rule?

– We have had people here before who have not understood it. It was OK, but they are not here anymore.

– But where can you negotiate?

– It’s only point three where we can not negotiate.

If you have ambitions of being in middle management, then you can negotiate, but your chances are low.

– It is not a good thing if you want to be in middle management. Usually they are kind of bossy.

– So you don’t like that. What do you prefer?

– We like to have a very happy environment. Here the mood is good, smiles Skodvin.

They are five people divided into three rooms, but now one is leaving. That means there is room for a person with the right qualifications from around May 1st.

Currently working in the office is an architect, a photographer and a musician – and they say that the rent is reasonable.

There is a lot of humor and always a good mood, so maybe this is the right workplace for just you?